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You Want to Propose?

Throughout my, now almost 20 years living on this wonderful planet called Earth, I have been proposed to multiple times. No, not the typical get down on one knee to confess a deep love marriage proposal, but proposals that have dealt with a love of mine which left me in deep thought. It’s not a person, but a sport. Soccer, ever since the day I began playing when I was 4 years old I have always loved it and has always been my “first love.” However, there was a time when I began to loose love for soccer. It was during my freshman year of high school. As any athlete would know, it’s a year of distractions that cause us to loose focus. But during this time, after a talk with one of my family’s great friend who was also my club coach, he presented a proposal for me.

My coach was from Drogheda, Ireland and had many connections in Ireland, aw well as England. After a talk between us he thought for a while and proposed a deal. the proposal was, I could go to Ireland and England for the summer and at the end of the trip I could quit playing soccer if I wanted to, or I could stay home for the summer and continue playing soccer whether or not I wanted to quit. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, and having the option to quit, I accepted his proposal and went overseas. At the time I did not realize what Pearse, my coach, was doing. Looking back on it after having time to mature, I now realize what his plan was. Pearse knew I was distracted and knew I needed to find the love and passion I once had for soccer. After a week away from soccer, and then traveling to Ireland and England to live and play with people who have an outstanding love, passion, and appreciation for soccer it made me realize that I too have the love passion and appreciation.

With that proposal, I can not even begin to describe how fortunate I am to have someone like Pearse to do such an amazing thing for me. If he would not have proposed such and opportunity, I can honestly say I would not be here writing this blog post for you the reader, I would not be at this university enjoying and playing the sport I love for the school, and I would not have may the friends and memories I have made. My advice for anyone who comes across what I have been through about something they once loved so much and want to walk away from it, stop and think. Take a few days or weeks away from it but do not give up on it completely. Take time to yourself, and find that love and appreciation again. If you do that and do not find the love and appreciation again then walk away. But from personal experience this is exactly what I needed. I can not begin to thank Pearse and my club enough for a proposal that lead to an opportunity to help me find that romance again with my first love, and her name is Soccer.

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Convinced? or Nah?

                In my life, there have been multiple times where I have had to convince a person of something; however, there is one time in particular that stands above the rest. During my sophomore year of high school, a few friends and I were on a hike in the mountains. As we began our journey, we were focused, were aware of our surroundings, and alive and awake, but as we continued on our journey until we made it to the top and through our first half of the hike. On our way back and after a few hours of day dreaming and getting lost in the scenery, we found ourselves of course of where we were wanting to go.  With everyone leaving their phones in the car so we wouldn’t be focused on a five inch screen, we were not able to easily pinpoint our location. So, this is when we all began to argue and have “the solution” and “knowledge” on which direction to take to get back. Only having a map, we were fortunate that one of my friends and I have already taken this hike at a separate time.

                With the decision of which way to head to get back was split in half (2v2), it took some major convincing from my party. The other side convinced themselves that heading west was the way to go because it would lead us back to the top of them mountain, and thus leading us to the trail. The other side, my party, disagreed. Considering we were the only two to have once hiked this trail once before, both of us knew west equaled nothing but more forest. Since we had to hike northeast to make it to the top, and that the river we came across to realize we were lost in the first place was southwest of the peak, it was a no brainer to head back east. After a few minutes, our logic finally sunk in, and the other two agreed with us and we made it back home safe.

                I believe this example of convincing someone of something because ultimately, it could have been life or death (a bit drastic? Maybe). If we would have been completely lost, we were not prepared whatsoever, we had zero food and little water. I was happy I was able to convince them and this still remains one of my most memorable experiences.


The Credible Paul Scholes

Paul Scholes, one of the most graceful talents to play in England’s Barclays Premier League, is someoneI view a very credible player and person. Retiring at the age of 39, the 5 foot 7 inch player didn’t always have it easy making his way through the ranks to become one of the best players in the world. As a player, Scholes was an avid believer in a proper recovery and diet, not only for professional athletes, but for any person participating in any physical activity. Scholes would often speak at conventions in the off season and he held many events for the youth. It’s not as if Scholes didn’t practice what he preached, anyone at the age of 39 could tell you how hard physical activity can be, let alone being a professional soccer player in one of the best leagues in the world. My mom, who is now 42, always says take care over your body, because around 35, what you ate in your youth will catch up to you if you don’t. That is very similar to Paul Scholes’s theory, “after a grueling workout, or just a simple jog, I always hate the appropriate diet and recovery to play hand-in-hand. Muscle recovery, and taking care of the knocks I would receive on the pitch is something I believe led to such a long professional career.” With Paul Scholes  being my favorite athlete of all time, I find him being extremely credible because he practice what he preached, and he had one of the longest careers, at one of the top levels.


Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity in my eyes, is staying true to a moral and ethnic code of those for a middle or high school and college institution.  Cheating, stealing, plagiarizing, or doing something that goes against academic honestly is not academic integrity. Also, refraining from doing these acts while someone is looking is one thing, but if you refrain from doing them while someone is not looking, that in my eyes is real academic integrity. It is easy to fall into the temptation to do something such as cheating, plagiarizing, etc., but I feel that if a person has academic integrity, he will find a greater pleasure in the grade he receives from having that academic integrity instead of the grade he would receive if he did not have it.